MCS Convocation
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Welcome to the August 21, 2019 gathering of McDowell County educators.

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Tuesday, August 20






Wednesday, August 21




A New Angle for Math: Innovative teaching strategies to improve your math class and support differentiation for EC learners and all learners C - 38, upstairsLIMITEDPaige Brown Getting High Growth with High Achievers in Middle School ELA CO - 5, downstairsLIMITEDMary Shomaker Visualizing and Investigating Big Ideas in 5-7 math C - 32, upstairsLIMITEDAlicia Burnette Writing across the curriculum for all students in grades 5-8 CO - 6, downstairsLIMITEDSusan Yergler CTE-Skills USA CTE Conference RoomLIMITEDRod Lykins Multi-faceted assessments in Canvas 232 - 9th grade academyFILLINGMiranda Ferguson • Jennifer Gant Perfectly Afflicted CO - 3, downstairsLIMITEDChris Hendricks Understanding the Hispanic Culture to Understand Hispanic Students. CO-11 downstairsFULLLaura Salas You CAN Grow High Flyers CO - 48, downstairs off media centerLIMITEDLeigh Morris I've got the Big Ideas in Reading, but what are the Big Ideas in Math? CO - 35, downstairsFULLMelissa Street Model Drawing for Solving Word Problems CO - 38, downstairsFULLTiffany Hall Behavior Interventions that Work 235 - 9th grade academyFULLErica Howard • Melora Bennett Engage Students With Nearpod Innovation Arena - upstairs media centerFULLAdam Wiseman • Vickie Blankenship Games/Activities from the National PE institute Aux gym and health room 318FILLINGStephanie Faw Inform Your Instruction with Schoolnet C - 9, upstairsLIMITEDJeremy Gardin Make Youtube Work for You! C - 5, upstairsLIMITEDSandi McCraw Neurology and learning Auditorium, upstairsFILLINGDr. Paul Boone Planning for Retirement C - 12, upstairsFULLSuzanne Rampey The science behind Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and how it impacts function in the classroom C - 13, upstairsFULLChris Thomas Twitter for Teachers C - 21, upstairsLIMITEDMelanie Shaver Wellness Wednesday C - 22, upstairsFILLINGSilvia Campo • Stephanie Branch Let the Children take the Wheel C - 24, upstairsFULLLaura Mykel Fun in the Arctic C - 25, upstairsLIMITEDRenata Crawley • Tammy Dayton Math Mode for Young Learners C - 30, upstairsFILLINGStephanie Roland • Rodney Wheeler • Ashley Bagwell Art CO - 51 downstairs, art roomLIMITEDNora Mosrie Family/Community Engagement C - 36, upstairsLIMITEDDr. Susan Silver • Alessandro Montanari


Vertical Vocabulary in Math 238 - 9th grade academyLIMITEDLeesa Robinson Word Mapping to Support Vocabulary Acquisition CO - 5, downstairsLIMITEDAnnMarie Florence GEMS - Girls Excelling in Math and Science Training CO - 7, downstairsLIMITEDEmily Elkins • Leigh Neal Aligning the Civics & Economics Strand in 6-12 Social Studies CO-11 downstairsLIMITEDJessica Sutton Best Lesson Plans Ever! Understanding by Design meets UDL CO - 6, downstairsLIMITEDAndrea Hardy • Tracey Widmann CRA Instruction and Why It Works for Math CO - 35, downstairsLIMITEDMary Basney • Amber Lawing Using Desmos as a Tool for Learning in the Math Classroom 204 - 9th grade academyLIMITEDLisa Atkinson • Kori Elliott M^3- Mastering Math Mindsets! C - 30, upstairsLIMITEDJennifer Carroll • Amy Deyton Google Calendar and Google Keep C - 4, upstairsFULLAlyssa Kanipe Chalk Talk for Coaches C - 38, upstairsLIMITED Chat Room--Using Student Discourse as a Tool for Teaching C - 5, upstairsLIMITEDStella Brewer • Dr. Morgan Pittman Creating Interactive Tours with Google Tour Creator Innovation Arena - upstairs media centerFILLINGAdam Wiseman • Vickie Blankenship Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools C - 6, upstairsFULLNatalie Gouge • Michelle Baker • Deeana Ray • Susan Westall Dinner with Democracy C - 35, upstairsLIMITEDMissy Redmon • Brent Rowe Don't Flip out...Flipgrid! C - 7, upstairsLIMITEDAmber Houk Family Engagement through Facebook Lives C - 31, upstairsFILLINGLorrie Smith • Amy Dowdle National Board Renewal Boot Camp 232 - 9th grade academyLIMITEDJennifer Gant • Miranda Ferguson Neurology and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Auditorium, upstairsFILLINGDr. Paul Boone Planning for Retirement C - 9, upstairsFULLSuzanne Rampey Stop the Bleed--CTE or PE Teachers Only VO - 18B, downstairs vocational buildingFULLCharles Autrey • Barry McPeters • Jill Crater The Goosechase Is On: Motivating Students Through Scavenger Hunts C - 12, upstairsFULLAnnie McEntyre • Rachel Pedler Understanding WIDA & Strategies for English Learners C - 13, upstairsLIMITEDJessica Dover • Bernardita Alarcon Blended Math and You C - 22, upstairsLIMITEDJohn Beck • Kim Gundle Leveraging Academic Vocabulary for Student Success C - 21, upstairsLIMITEDGenny Patton • Mary Schuman Mathematical Mindset-What Does Brain Research Tell Us? C - 24, upstairsFILLINGChristie Dietrich • Melanie Hamilton North Carolina Children's Book Award 2019-2020 C - 25, upstairsFULLAshley Greene Seesaw Fun - using digital portfolios for K-8 C - 32, upstairsFULLCarrie Franklin • Megan Golden




Anchors Away - Charting our Course CO - 3, downstairsLIMITEDStella Brewer • Ruth Pershing Caring for Kids CO - 5, downstairsLIMITEDLeslie Smith • Melanie Hamilton Edgefactor CO - 6, downstairsFULL Safe Space Training: Making Our Schools A Safer Place for LGBTQ+ Youth C - 39 upstairsFILLINGKarah Wilson • Erin Leatherman Before It's Too Late CO - 35, downstairsFULLMark Garrett • Natalie Gouge Citizen Science CO-11 downstairsLIMITEDJoele Weaver • Luanne Graham Edlio For WebMasters C - 4, upstairsLIMITEDSandi McCraw Educator Self-Care C - 38, upstairsFULLBrian Oliver • Stephanie Dvorak ELevating Academic Levels Making SIOP Language Objectives C - 5, upstairsLIMITEDDonetta Pedroza • Laura Hill Fun Tech Tools for Family and Community Engagement C - 13, upstairsFULLMelissa Elliott • Jill Ward Getting the "Gist" with Content Area Literacy (Jamboard and Rocketbook) Innovation Arena - upstairs media centerFILLINGAdam Wiseman • Melora Bennett How To Have a Trauma Sensitive Classroom C - 6, upstairsFILLINGSally Cocklin • Betty Ross National Geographic Certified Educator Informational Session C - 7, upstairsLIMITEDEmily Elkins NBPTS Initial Certification C - 9, upstairsFULLLynn Carter PBS LearningMedia - A free resource for multimedia, interactive assignments, and simplified storyboards C - 12, upstairsFULLEve R Walker • Wendy Washburn Stop the Bleed VO - 18B, downstairs vocational buildingLIMITEDCharles Autrey • Barry McPeters Student Voice using FlipGrid and NCWiseOWL K-12 C - 45, upstairsLIMITEDVickie Blankenship • Nikki Holland • Stephanie Gilliam Tap Student Creativity with Merge Cubes C - 21, upstairsLIMITEDStacy Lovdahl TeacherFit: Fitness for Educators C - 31, upstairsFULLBill Taylor The NCCAT Leadership Experience C - 24, upstairsLIMITEDCaitlin Robinson • Felicia Stamey • Ashley Bagwell What Really Happens in Middle School C - 25, upstairsLIMITEDAllison Styles • Jennifer Blake • Katie Carter • Donna Pyatt Growing Our Late Bloomers C - 30, upstairsFULLAshley Thornton • Rebekah Autrey • Heather Tilley K-2 Number Talks C - 32, upstairsFULLLeesha White • Rhonda Tipper Kindergarten Entry Assessment for BeginnersLIMITEDAngela Wilkerson Connecting the Dots: The MTSS/IEP Process C - 35, upstairsFILLINGGlenda Starr Social Studies in the K-2 Classroom C - 36, upstairsFULLHolly Sills • Erin Rayfield Integrating Art and Literacy for Successful Intelligences CO - 51 downstairs, art roomLIMITEDJulio Zapata Math Auditorium, upstairsFILLINGDr. Valerie Faulkner Music Master Class--Improvise? Don’t Panic Bandroom, upstairsLIMITEDDr. Warren J Gaughan



LEGO Robotics Basics C - 30, upstairsLIMITEDHank Hunt Google Round Table Discussion CO - 3, downstairsFULLAlyssa Kanipe Building a College Going Culture CO - 5, downstairsLIMITEDConnie Carson • Billy Cline Creating Dynamic Engagement Tools for Text Analysis CO - 6, downstairsLIMITEDJessica Gardner Getting Started with Reciprocal Teaching CO - 7, downstairsLIMITEDLaura Davis Lighting The Way To Successful Transition for Middle and High School EC Students CO-11 downstairsLIMITEDAmelia Hall • Kim Lewis What's RISE? Intervention that Works! CO - 35, downstairsFULLChristie Dietrich • Julie McKinney Integrating the arts into elementary content areas CO - 51 downstairs, art roomLIMITEDCarleen Policello Becoming a Media Coordinator CO - 38, downstairsLIMITEDJessica Mace • Caitlin Proffitt Finding Balance in the Chaos C - 35, upstairsFILLINGKayla Fortenberry Got the Tickets for Your Lit Trip? C - 4, upstairsFILLINGJeremy Gardin Growing in Teacher Leadership C - 5, upstairsFULLMichelle Baker • Susan Westall How Do I Impact the MCS Graduation Rate? C - 6, upstairsFILLINGMark Garrett Increase Student Accountability with Edpuzzle Aux gym and health room 318LIMITEDStephanie Faw • Shawna Lytle Neuroscience for Teachers book study C - 7, upstairsLIMITEDMelanie Shaver Slides, Docs, and Drive, Oh My! C - 9, upstairsFULLEve R Walker • Ashley Greene Social Media & Its Effects on Children & Adolescents C - 12, upstairsFULLChristina Wooten • Nicole Bolick Speech/Language Development and Disorders for Classroom Teachers C - 13, upstairsLIMITEDMarie Mock • Cindy Newton Stop the Bleed--CTE or PE Teachers Only VO - 18B, downstairs vocational buildingLIMITEDCharles Autrey • Barry McPeters • Jill Crater Travelling Abroad-Anecdotes from an Education Exchange in Mexico 2019. C - 21, upstairsLIMITEDDonetta Pedroza mClass & Phonological Awareness: Understanding FSF and PSF C - 22, upstairsFULLJane Harris • Melissa Street Quality of Feedback: The How and Why C - 24, upstairsFULLKarey Dulaney Engage Parents and the Community with Ready Rosie C - 25, upstairsFULL Enhancing Literacy Skills Through Interdisciplinary Activities (Grades K-5) C - 39 upstairsLIMITEDNora Mosrie Anchor Charts: Making Learning Visible C - 32, upstairsFULLKim Mostiller • Crystal Hamby Personalized Learning in North Carolina C - 38, upstairsLIMITEDStacy Lovdahl

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